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Unimaginable Wellness For Aspiring Mom NonFiction Writers

Dec 1, 2020

Ever wondered why some people volunteer to do hard things for fun?

Well, in the world of endurance sports, I have to say that I often think about what would compel someone to challenge themselves both physically and emotionally to the tune of running long distances, going on deep ocean swims, and cycling for good measure. So I had to get to know this week’s incredible guest.

Amy Stone is a runner and triathlete in Miami. She writes about running and triathlon at She is the host of the award-winning Mile after Mile Podcast. She is an avid runner and triathlete herself with 7 Ironman finishes, 8 stand-alone marathons and as many other racing adventures as she can fit into her schedule. In addition to chasing her own endurance dreams, Amy coaches runners and triathletes to reach their own endurance goals.

So how did Amy get started? She ended up selecting one of the toughest courses in one of the world’s toughest races for her first race. As they say the rest is “herstory.” Enjoy this conversation and watch out for pelicans if you ever decide to participate in a triathlon following this chat (it’s an inside joke you’ll want to hear towards the end of this episode). 




  • What a day in the life of a triathlete looks like (6:20)
  • What a Half Ironman entails (7:42)
  • Why having a training milestone is important to feeling motivated (9:13)
  • You are the only person in control of yourself (10:13)
  • What role being “in the mood” plays when it comes to picking up new wellness habits (11:07)
  • How she managed to overcome her thoughts when swimming is not her favorite activity (12:21)
  • How you can feel good even during an endurance activity (13:51)
  • The two strategies to get you physically going and done (15:12)
  • Strategies for making better food choices (17:06)
  • The birthday cake rule: Food and joy are interrelated (19:07)
  • Our ode to cheese (21:46)
  • Socialized habits for eating and moving (23:22)
  • Why it’s easier to add things to a fitness routine rather than cut things out (26:30)
  • How a parent can stay on track in a house of hungry kids and manage our food weakness (32:40)
  • How to focus on your meal wins not “fails” (34:38)
  • What goes through Amy’s mind when she is swimming (her least favorite triathlon activity) (39:05) 
  • How to handle things when things go wrong during endurance events (42:07) 
  • Trends from race participants Amy picked up as a podcast host (44:37)
  • The secret behind being average yet doing extraordinary endurance sports (45:55)


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