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Unimaginable Wellness For Aspiring Mom NonFiction Writers

Feb 10, 2020

Listen to how Jane Collier, a corporate executive who chose to build her career in corporate environments including most recently in the Walgreens Boots Alliance has defiantly also managed for 30+years to continue to express her love of ballet. Episode 8

Jane and I met what seems like 100 years ago during a Procter & Gamble Summer Bootcamp for wide eyed and bushy-tailed MBAs. Fast-forward to today, Jane continues to play big in corporate settings however she has figured out how to stay connected to her creative muse of ballet. Recently, Jane had been interviewed for Dance Magazine and I noticed that she somehow managed to swap her time off from work to participate in summer intensives at American Ballet Theatre in New York City, the Bolshoi Ballet Academy in Moscow and, most recently, the Royal Danish Ballet in Copenhagen. Meanwhile, Jane also keeps her cello warm by being a Cellist for the Chicago City Wide Symphony on the side for good measure. All of her extracurriculars got me thinking that I need to interview Jane. Why? It’s time to see for yourself that despite holding down a job you can still figure out a way to live an authentic life that may feel lightyears away from what a traditional MBA should be doing. Listen in to see Jane’s take on:

  • Disagreeing with “constructive” feedback even when it’s from someone you admire an expert and ultimately even how to use it as fuel to move forward anyways
  • Figuring out how to not feel embarrassed about whether you “belong” or “look the part” in a group or as part of a community so that you can accomplish your personal goals
  • Honing in your level of self-awareness by learning how to accept compliments and finding situations in which to contribute your strengths on the dance floor or at work
  • Letting go of the baggage around what’s expected from adults, MBAs, corporate leaders, and living your core values anyways
  • Knowing shamelessly how to tap into what gives you energy or reduces stress to be your best self at work or on the dance floor
  • Some ways to cultivate your self-esteem and build friendships in situations where you may find yourself surrounded by your heroes

Listen to how Jane would answer this job interview question that advertising professionals and marketers in small and large companies are asked all the time:

Tell me about a time when you were self-aware enough not to play the lead role on a team and that was the best decision you could have made in the interest of the goal. Curious, how deciding to stay connected to ballet in your own way shaped that kind of level of self-awareness?