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Mar 3, 2020

In 2016, I attended Sree’s Social Media Weekend #SMWKND in NYC. As a participant, I felt like I was guzzling water from a fire hydrant. Sree along with other powerful digital thought leaders were on fire. They were helping attendees uncover what was next and what should be ignored pertaining to social media and its otherwise overwhelming technologies. In a nutshell, I implemented several learnings from that memorable experience and was delighted when he agreed to be interviewed.

Sree taught for 20-years at Columbia Journalism School. He also worked for the Metropolitan Museum of Art as well as the City of New York both as a Chief Digital Officer. He was named one of Fast Company's 100 Most Creative People in Business in 2015 as well as the world's most influential Chief Digital Officer by CDO Club in 2016. Today, Sree is back in the classroom at Stony Brook University in NY and has embraced the new era of consultancy work by co-founding Digitmentors a new kind of digital consultancy firm that operates worldwide. Meanwhile, you can find Sree every Sunday at 8:30 am ET for four years now, as the host of a #NYTReadalong, reading the print NYT out loud on FB Live. He often has guests from various fields, including occasional NYT reporters and editors.

Tune in to hear Sree’s thoughts pertaining to:

  • A memorable moment during Social Media Weekend 2016 when April Reign who created the hashtag #OscarsSoWhite (Twitter @ReignOfApril) shared her 2020 Oscars hopes and dreams.
  • How he personally managed through what could have been the worst moment of his life when he was let go from the Metropolitan Museum of Art - (Twitter #3MetYears)
  • Why marketers in particular need to be better at telling their story than anyone else and why your story is the most important story of all.
  • How to avoid being overwhelmed with so much information when it comes to the world of social media
  • A shift from “big sea” to “small sea” communications including thoughts on microcommunities.
  • Why he translated his name into Mandarin on LinkedIn and how you can attract opportunities in other countries too.
  • The “American Dream” especially when it comes to making sacrifices to live in the U.S.
  • A formula anyone can apply to their own social media strategy.
  • His beliefs on everyone having a story and what it may take to uncover yours.

Listen to hear how Sree thinks about this question which is certainly top of mind for both traditional as well as digital native companies these days around the world.

How can companies who currently have a mix of traditional experts, tradigitals, and native digitals create more opportunities where the best ideas can rise to the top and ultimately win the day?

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