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Unimaginable Wellness For Aspiring Mom NonFiction Writers

Feb 20, 2018

James Altucher is the author of several Wall Street Journal Best Selling books, including Choose Yourself.’ There he suggests that we write 10 ideas every day to become an ideas machine. James has reinvented himself several times. His first career change was when he left his full-time role at HBO to build a tech start-up. James has co-founded 20 companies 17 of which have failed on paper yet have given him several life lessons. He is the host of widely popular podcasts The James Altucher Show and Ask Altucher. James is a venture capitalist. And these days, you can find James doing stand-up in local clubs including Stand Up NY.
Listen to episode #5 especially if you’re curious about James Altucher’s thoughts on:
  • What does it feel like to reach a milestone birthday and hang around a younger crowd?
  • How can we manage our energy including when it comes to a big component our emotional health and marriage?
  • What are the perils of reinventing yourself in your career? How can you change careers with fewer scars?
  • How is a career reinvention like a knight slaying a dragon?
  • Why he brings up P&G as a platonic cubicle company? Why he makes fun of it?
  • What James Altucher thinks about the ideal American dream vs. our individual dreams?
  • What James thinks about different types of entrepreneurial ventures?
  • How he thinks about family businesses along with the immigrant experience?
  • What entrepreneurship ventures he has been a part of or how does he make a living? What sectors he is invested in right now beyond bitcoin and technology?
  • How he would go about teaching someone how to be an entrepreneur?
  • Whether he thinks he is a better entrepreneur vs. an investor?
In this episode, you’ll also hear how James Altucher thinks about making career decisions based on other's expectations. Press play to hear this part 1 of a 2-part podcast episode.
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Now YOU can lead a SUCCESSFUL reinvention. James Altucher in this episode goes into details on how reinventing yourself at any age come with some injuries because it’s like fighting a dragon. Work on your brand and you'll be well-armored for a fight against any sized dragon.
As a career coach to several professionals around the world, the key to changing careers or reinventing yourself is having a clear and compelling personal brand on which to build your foundation.
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