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Feb 23, 2021

Clubhouse is on everyone’s newsfeed. Are you there? Do you have a spare invite? As a career coach to marketers I spend most of my time on LinkedIn yet Clubhouse has me hooked. So what is Clubhouse? The new social media tool on the block. I met this week’s guest on Clubhouse and then we got to know one another on LinkedIn. Get ready because during this week’s episode, you will hear a refreshing conversation on making real human connections in ANY setting, Joshua B. Lee shares precisely how the same rules apply to building authentic HUMAN relationships on any social media platform. Yes, including Clubhouse. You may also be surprised to hear how expressing appreciation especially for underappreciated actions could be game-changing also on any social media platform. However, Joshua too believes in the potency of LinkedIn. LinkedIn being my “main man” when it comes to social media tools (other than my husband and three sons of course). So who is Joshua B. Lee and why is this conversation essential especially if you rely on the power of authentic relationships in your career or life?


Joshua B. Lee has been called “The Dopamine Dealer of LinkedIn” and he’s proud of that nickname. He is an entrepreneur, business owner, author, coach, marketer and a very blessed husband and father. Way back in 2003 Joshua built his career in online marketing with clients like MySpace and Google with advertising spends of over a half of Billion dollars, which generated over 35 Trillion online impressions for these companies. He has been lucky enough to build 16 companies in his career from online marketing to coaching to web design and more. But that’s not his real passion. Joshua’s real passion is creating lasting, meaningful and most importantly authentic HUMAN relationships. And he can show you how to do exactly that using LinkedIn, a business-centric professional platform.


Joshua created StandOut Authority so he can work with entrepreneurs to help them humanize your professional or company brand on LinkedIn using authentic, inspirational engagement with their clients or audience. Joshua thinks it’s one of the most important things anyone can do in their business to truly build long-term and lasting relationships that flourish.


Joshua genuinely believes there is NO B2B or B2C just H2H – Human to human connections. He personally had to take the time to reinvent himself and look deeply inside to realize it wasn't "all about the click" or even the sales that went along with it... but building genuine human relationships. Joshua can guide you on your entrepreneurial paths towards making those real human to human connections too!


Share this episode with three professionals whose career success relies on learning how to cultivate human connections (even if they are not yet on Clubhouse).




  • Lessons: What Josh learned while dressing up like Spiderman in a children’s hospital
  • Donating: Giving your time is more valuable than giving money
  • Kids: We can learn about resilience from kids (and a surprising ask)
  • Appreciation: How can we authentically appreciate little (and big moments)?
  • Relationships: Are there other kinds of transactions on which we can connect?
  • Connections: How are business connections essentially just human connections?
  • Algorithms: Which ones matter more than the ones typically tracked online?
  • Success: Are there other definitions we may have forgotten?
  • Entrepreneurship: It’s a journey and sometimes it’s incredibly heart-breaking
  • Sales: How to share your voice consistently so folks are inspired to work with you
  • Engagement: What we take for granted vs. our appreciation for engagement.
  • Job Search: How to find decision-makers in companies and figure out culture
  • 10/20/70 Rule: Let’s talk strategy about the best content you can create on social media
  • Example: Josh walks us through a specific example anyway can tailor for him- or herself!
  • Value: What does it take to feel like a valuable expert online?
  • Perception: Whose perception is driving us crazy?
  • Resume: Let’s reframe what to feature on your resume.
  • Power: Call to action for us all to tell your story. Tag Josh and Melissa. We’ll be happy to support you.
  • LinkedIn: Reaching out to contacts, endorsing them, and nurturing advocates.
  • Clubhouse: How to make it work for you and leveraging LinkedIn as the perfect pair
  • What’s Next: Find Josh on LinkedIn. Send your tailored invite note letting him know the value you garnered following this conversation.


Links to quench your curiosity:


Learn more about The StandOut Authority

Find Joshua on LinkedIn

Hear his insights on Clubhouse @thejoshblee

Follow Melissa on Clubhouse @careeroutcomes


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