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Unimaginable Wellness For Aspiring Mom NonFiction Writers

Feb 9, 2021

Do you know what your true purpose is? This is a multidimensional and thoughtful discussion that can help even the busiest city slicker understand exactly how to pause and bear witness to their true purpose. This is a much-needed and timely metaphorical “time out” that will help you start or continue on your personal journey towards becoming more present, self-compassionate, and in tune with the “real” you, not the “masked” you. Included in this conversation between two humans who were raised in different hemispheres, you will find a globally applicable step-by-step exercise to gain a deeper understanding of your essence. You are invited to bookmark this exercise highlighted towards the end of our talk and share it with other “seekers.”


So whether you are in NY or Sydney or anywhere in between you are welcome to take notes from Marshall Dunn. He is a Spiritual Healer & Conscious Mentor, Meditation Teacher, Author & Podcaster who lived in NY yet is currently back home in Sydney, Australia. His life purpose is to help people shift perception and clear the past, deep heal the future, and experience true freedom. His work is to bring people home to their True Nature in order to make meaningful change in their lives and step into their Greater Destiny.


For over 15 years he’s been on a spiritual path of self-discovery, continuously sitting within myself, following the inner-movement of Spirit through himself. He has written two books – "Letters to Mitch: The Healing Power of Grief, Love & Truth" and "The Good Life: 10 Ways Death Teaches Us How To Live", and is a host of his own podcast, Marshall Dunn’s Soul Hour Podcast (formerly Heart House Radio Podcast). On his podcast he has had over 120 conversations with inspiring leaders across the globe on spirituality and healing, creativity, science and conscious entrepreneurship. As context, he taught meditation, hosted workshops and given talks in New York City and Sydney at Universal Music Group (UMG), Barclays, Acast, The Assemblage, Slyp, WeWork, L&A Social, along with reputable Sydney private schools such as Loreto Kirribilli and Chevalier College. He also holds an M.A. in Clinical Psychology in Education from the Mind, Body & Spiritual Practice at Columbia University.


Please share this episode with three city dwellers who would be interested in exploring their spiritual selves to better understand why “they think what they think” and “do what they do.” If you are a seeker then this one is precisely for you too!




Story: His brother’s suicide and the beauty that came from this traumatic moment.

Soul: Where does pain reside in the soul or physical body?

Grief: On the expectations of being an Australian male and working through emotions.

How To Find Your Purpose: The Questions: Ex. What feeds your spirit joy? And other questions that Marshall explored.

Being Yourself: How can we take off our own masks? How to address our past to meet ourselves maybe for the first time?

How To Use Your Purpose: The Answers: Ex. What energizes you? And other feelings to follow to unfold your purpose.

Questions: At what point do you stop asking yourself: what is my purpose and instead take inspired action?

Inspired Action: What’s going to move you forward: acting without all the information or not acting until you have all the information? Hint: you’ll never have ALL the data.

Moment: Marshall’s intuition in January that led him to get off of social media.

Digital Diet: Unexpected ways it can help a business owner who relies on social for marketing their offerings and be of service to others.

Goals: Do you know WHY you want the goals you are pursuing? Marshall notes that some of us may not know WHY we are running around in a rat race circle?

NYC vs. Sydney:  What do you feel when you walk the streets of either city? Intense competition when it comes to success or beauty?

Competition: Is there such a thing as “healthy” competition? NYC vs. Sydney thoughts?

Technology: How can we actually connect in our “overconnected” society?

Overidentification of Thoughts: Is what I’m thinking really my own thought or someone else’s?

Family: Could we be thinking what our ancestors were thinking? And not even realize this?

Journey: How to come back to your essence?

Self-Compassion: How can we quiet our inner bully?

Trigger Exercise: Here is a step-by-step process to help you become more compassionate towards yourself.

Trust: The answers are with you. The key is learning how to trust yourself.


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