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An Interview with Melissa Llarena

Sep 15, 2020

What is possible in your career? Are you ready to kick some ash? If so, then this week’s guest, Chad Romzek, will be an inspiration to you! Chad Romzek is the Creator and Owner of Kick Ash Basket® and a creative, energetic, and passionate entrepreneur specializing in solving problems with simple solutions.

The underlying theme of our conversation was, start small, and start smart. Ask yourself, as you listen, how can you take small, yet smart steps to move your career forward? We also explored the topic of analysis paralysis. Rather than hold yourself, hostage, why not take a leap of faith like Chad and his wife, Tracy, did when they started Kick Ash Basket®.

Chad and his wife Tracy started the Kick Ash Basket® business from their garage in Neenah, Wisconsin back in 2014 and are now supplying grill accessories all over the United States and all over the Kick Ash Planet! In 2017, Chad walked away from his Corporate America six-figure income because it just didn’t make sense to keep going back to the cubicle. Now, Chad and Tracy are Kicking Ash & Making Flames with over 7 figures of annual sales and are starting to build wealth and freedom in the multi-family investing arena. Chad’s life goal is to inspire people all over the world to Shake That Ash & Light That Fire!

Show Notes

  • How Chad and Tracy went from the corporate world to two engineers are at the helm of Kick Ash Basket
  • You don’t necessarily follow your passions, follow opportunities, and take your passion with you. (7:15)
  • How a true family affair ensued when Chad had the idea to use household items (duct tape, wire hangers, cardboard to create a Kick Ash Basket® later sparking into a 7-figure business. (9:22)
  • What’s it like not to get your biweekly paycheck and instead of working with an inconsistent income? (11:37)
  • Start smart, start small; where Chad realized that spending small and wisely is a better approach. (12:37)
  • How taking an entrepreneurial class actually set Chad back rather than forward. (16:24)
  • Analysis paralysis versus taking a leap of faith. (21:16)
  • Chad describes the Kick Ash Basket® company culture. (28:47)
  • Life outside of the cubicle – no khaki pants ever again! (30:46)  
  • Chad’s “Pork Butt Business Plan” and how it encourages sloooow business growth. (30:57)
  • Extreme ownership versus working in the corporate world. (32:07)
  • “Trust but verify,” is a useful mantra for any business idea. (36:08)
  • The ripple effect of his grill baskets and how his business is not just about cleaning up grills. (40:40)
  • If you are rethinking your future - ask yourself: what’s possible? (45:22)

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