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An Interview with Melissa Llarena

Jun 30, 2020

Matilda Reyes writes urban fantasy, paranormal, and supernatural adventures. Recent works include The Daughters of Night Chronicles which follows the seven illegitimate daughters of the Lord of Night. This week she is my guest. We discussed her decision that it was more important to write and share her self-publishing journey. She also shared how her work as a grant writer informed her ability to tell engaging stories and how she transformed those skills as a sci-fi author. You are going to love this conversation, especially if you are into sci-fi adventures. 

Matilda’s series The Vespers Chronicles follows the adventures of Jasper Andrews and her initiation into a paranormal world of beings called The Order of Vespers. She was born and raised in New York City. Later, she relocated to the West Coast. She spent an eight-year stint in Los Angeles. Fast-forward to today, she moved to South Florida, which she's still trying to love. She loves living by the ocean and bookstores and loves supporting indie writers. Matilda loves books of all genres but has a special place in her heart for urban fantasy like the Dresden Files and the Iron Druid series. She owns more books than she could possibly read and has a passion for buying books from indie authors. Today, in addition to a new chapter in the Vespers Chronicles, Matilda is working on a witchy tale and another about death dealers. Matilda lives in Miami, Florida with her husband and dog.

Tune in to hear Matilda’s thoughts pertaining to:

  • What gave her the confidence to find her voice and go on this journey of becoming a fiction author. (3:36)
  • How grants and fundraising is a lot like storytelling, pulling out stories for grant writing was part of the process.(6:07)
  • How Matilda transcribes what happens in her head as a sci-fi writer. (10:38)
  • The inspiration which led her to write her self-published book, Vespers Chronicles. (13:01)
  • She introduces her new series, Daughters of Knight Chronicles. (15:17)
  • The co-writing world: how co-writing and writing alone are completely different. (15:45)
  • Why Matilda decided to self-publish her books. (18:19)
  • The pay gap between black as well as brown writers when compared to the pay of white writers and racism in the publishing industry. (24:09)
  • How Matilda connects with writers on Twitter. (25:12)
  • Why she stresses the importance of separating her professional versus. creative life. (29:27)
  • Her new book examines racism through the lens of Latina witches who are fighting. (30:50)
  • Matilda’s thought-process about prioritizing her writing and writing ideas. (33:33)
  • As black or brown people of color, can we embolden ourselves to ask for more? (42:53)

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