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An Interview with Melissa Llarena

Nov 3, 2020

Leesa McGregor is a passionate mother, speaker, and author dedicated to inspiring positive change and creating a bright future for humanity. Leesa has a Bachelor's Degree in International Business and over 20 years of experience starting as well as growing purpose-driven companies. Her mission is to change the status quo in business and education, to empower the next generation of children, and to create a more loving, sustainable, regenerative world.   

Leesa has published two children’s books, A New Alphabet for Humanity and Around the World Adventures with Max, both of which have received global attention and acclaim. Leesa is very passionate about social impact and giving back. Through her business Alphabet for Humanity, Leesa is planting trees for every book sold and next month Leesa is going to start planting orchards and will be working on regenerative soil projects.  

You’ll particularly enjoy this episode if you are a parent (or teacher) whose ambition is to teach kids something meaningful and life-affirming every single day. In this conversation, Leesa explains where and how she came up with the idea to write A New Alphabet for Humanity, a children’s book that could be of service to the world. Leesa tells us her genuine intention behind seeking to share with children (and adults) what she learned during her 20-year personal development journey from which she gained wisdom in a new consciousness.  

She also shares why even we as adults could benefit massively by learning how to reconnect our minds and hearts and even potentially solve a lot of the world’s problems with this return to nature. This is a perfect conversation for anyone who recognizes that this generation thirsts for a lot more wisdom than simply memorizing their ABCs. 


  • Leesa talks about motherhood and what inspired her to write A New Alphabet for Humanity. (7:50) 
  • We are in an era of planetary change and I want to make an impact in this next generation. (8:00)
  • Pinning down a time horizon on your goals including that of building your own legacy. (8:42)
  • How you can be a good ancestor vs. making immediate quarterly goals? (10:28)
  • Taking the long-term view is reminiscent of indigenous and aboriginal tribes, perhaps we should reconsider the extent of our impact too? (11:34)
  • We would solve the world’s problem if our hearts were connected and we were connected to nature, a download
  • Leesa got at a beach with her son in Byron Bay. (12:58)
  • Nature as a resource we should use versus being connected to nature. (14:06)
  • Becoming a mom does remind you that you are of nature and conjures a primal feeling. (16:01) 
  • The paradigm shift of becoming a mom and bringing the feminine into the world. (17:24)
  • Going beyond the alphabet and helping kids connect with their hearts to achieve heart/brain coherence. (18:57)
  • We can easily fill our kid’s mind with knowledge; yet how can we instead help them with that mind-brain coherence, create resilience and connect with humanity? (21:00) 
  • A New Alphabet for Humanity is making a difference by being of service and contribution to each other – that’s where the juice is. (21:58) 
  • The ripple effect of making a difference. (29:52)
  • The biggest compliment Leesa recently received from
  • Maggy Dent, a parenting expert in Australia. (30:07)
  • This generation is requiring more from parents i.e. that new consciousness that is coming in. (31:25) 
  • We are born with a heart/mind connection. (31:35)
  • The educational system is designed to create efficient factory units not figuring out your passion; this is one reason why we may feel disconnected from our hearts. (35:00) 
  • Getting good grades is not life-affirming. Those success metrics are wealth-affirming and we need something new. (39:06)
  • We explore personal definitions of success and discuss
  • Naomi Simson Founder of Red Balloon. (39:52)
  • What Leesa hopes parents get out of reading A New
  • Alphabet for Humanity. (42:24)
  • Ponder this: what did you teach your kids today that was meaningful? (45:10) 
  • Looking at the issues of our time: how feminine energy is not gender-specific – the reality is we were programmed to embody masculine energy for the economy not to be human. (46:16)
  • Sustainability: Businesses can be more successful if they decide to be part of some change in the world. For example, for every copy of Leesa’s book sold, a tree is planted. (49:07)
  • There are opportunities for businesses to do genuine good. (49:57) 
  • Leesa’s book gives children language to use to express what would make them happy in the future. (53:12)
  • Life is all about service and contribution. (53:52)
  • A useful framework to consider if you want to build a mission-driven business or outlook, the SDG goals, there are 17 of them. (55:16) 
  • Ask yourself: what is the problem in the world that bothers you the most and how can you plug yourself into it so that you can solve it? (55:47) 

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