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Unimaginable Wellness For Aspiring Mom NonFiction Writers

Mar 24, 2020

Cameron Schmidt calls himself "the Human Catalyst." He has built online and offline communities for a long list of impressive and world-class creators including Jesse Itzler via his Build Your Life Resume Online Course as well as Alex Banayan the author of a best-selling book The Third Door. One of the things that stuck out to me during our conversation is Cameron's idea of life being a training ground to become your ultimate best self. Instead of trying to do the things you are good at, he urges you to ask, "Why not allow yourself to try new things?" You might be embarrassed in the process of exploring, but it will be worth it. 

Along with building communities, Cameron is in the business of being a catalyst for change and hope in others. Through his example, he wanted to inspire others when he decided to run solo a 100 miles non-race, which he finished because of the messages of support and phone calls from friends. As a catalyst for someone else, Cameron voluntarily helped the former Writer at Large for Esquire magazine, Cal Fussman, when he finished his Sparton race. Before his entrepreneurial career as "the Human Catalyst," Cameron was involved with various athletic endeavors, including working for USA Volleyball and as a referee. Meanwhile, in basketball, Cameron has packed his untraditional career by doing things such as setting up private basketball courts for the likes of Lebron James. I'm so excited to have this conversation with Cameron.

Listen to Cameron's thoughts on:

  • How Cameron picked the life buckets that matter most to him and the story behind his last-minute 100-mile run, inspired by David Goggins. (5:26)
  • How he ran 100 miles solo, unsupported for his golden birthday, and finished because of the messages of support + phone calls from friends. (6:57)
  • How Cameron made it through his biggest wall during his 100-mile run and how he did everything wrong. (11:19)
  • Cameron's experiences with top performers or creators – how it began and evolved along the way from his work with Olympic players in volleyball. (15:33)
  • How he managed to work with Alex Banayan through a chance social channel request and the key to getting influencers to trust you. (16:55)
  • We ponder the question, "Is osmosis real?" (17:44)
  • How Cameron shifted his thinking from not asking for what he wants to asking for help, instead. (19:15)
  • The story of how he moved around a lot as a child, went to 6 different schools and how it helped him become curious about people. (20:21)
  • His sliding door moment! What gave him the courage to apply for the role of a lifetime. (23:17)
  • Why Cameron decided to carve his professional path as a human catalyst rather than to follow a prescribed path. (29:50)
  • His approach to life as training and how he manages the fear of being embarrassed. (31:05)
  • Cameron's volleyball referee moment: when he saw a game going out of bounds, and he had to call it. (33:06)

How can we think about managing our fear of being embarrassed during those moments in life where we are seeking growth?

Listen to hear how Cameron thinks about this question, which is undoubtedly a widespread concern for anyone looking to learn and make use of new skills.

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