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An Interview with Melissa Llarena

Jul 19, 2022

What could be possible for moms who want to launch their own businesses and reawaken their imagination? A life consumed by making gooey chocolate that’s for one.

Hear how this chocolatier (and mom), Rebecca Knights, navigated business over the course of 20-plus years, from working for BBC to doing a no sugar campaign with Sarah Wilson, and to even being hired to put together a chocolate event for Adele. All of the decision moves that wound her up to having a successful chocolatier career are truly impressive.

Rebecca is a business collaborator and decadent inventor in the kitchen. Rebecca started in the food industry to support her design studies. She soon took off to France to pursue her other passion and trained at Valrhona Chocolate until opening the first cocoa chocolate in Edinburgh in 2004. After 10 years of working and training in Europe, she finally opened Coco Chocolate in Kirribilli, merging her two passions for chocolates and design.

In this episode, you will hear:

  • Striving to achieve to survive
  • The admin and sales aspects of running a chocolate business
  • Finding the beauty in the small vs. empire-building
  • How people’s palates have evolved over the years
  • Rebecca’s current collaborations
  • Opening a physical shop vs. an online store

Share this with a chocolate lover or a creative small business owner who wants to build a profitable brick and mortar shop/s.


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